Join LGBT+ Voices Dorset Forum


1 - All members: sign up to, attend and be active in at least one of the project groups running during any cycle (a cycle is usually quarterly and will contain 3-4 project groups, entailing an additional commitment of 1-2 hours per month)

2 - All members: provide an update in advance of each Oversight group or Informal cuppa and a chat catch ups on:

- anything you’ve been up to within or for the LGBT+ community

- anything you’re aware of or are concerned about affecting the LGBT+ community

- any work you’re involved in that you think the Forum should know about or give attention to

3 - All members: raise awareness of and promote your membership of LGBT+ Voices Dorset Forum

4 - Oversight group only: attend all main LGBT+ Voices Dorset Forum online meetings (quarterly) - or if you are an organisational member to advise of and send one of your named representatives if you cannot attend

self-identifying members: as above or all Informal cuppa and a chat catch ups

5 - organisational members:  display the LGBT+ Voices Dorset Forum logo wherever possible (e.g. email signatures, flyers, website)


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